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Tweet For A Read

A smart bookmark that senses how long it has been since you last opened the book, and allows the book’s author to remind you to finish the book.

Digital , Social - 09/09/2014

FartBombs: Add Fart Sounds To YouTube Videos

Serious and funny at the same time. Great way to raise awareness for bowel cancer.

Digital , Social - 26/08/2014

Adidas – Dwight Howard Signature Shots

Dwight Howard and Adidas shows us another way to do the boring old autograph sessions.

Outdoor - 04/11/2013

Apple – Our Signature

Apple explains why “Designed By Apple In California” is etched on the back of every Apple product.

TV - 16/06/2013

Pepsi Like Machine

Like and get a free Pepsi with the Pepsi Like Machine. As easy as it gets.

Digital , Outdoor , Social - 07/06/2013


ONIRIA\TBWA came up with a cross-media promotion #NoNameMatch to address the issue of unregistered children in Paraguay.

Digital , Social , TV - 13/05/2013