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IKEA Sweden: Wedding Online

IKEA is all about finding simple solutions to everyday life, that’s neither expensive nor complicated. To prove its point, IKEA Sweden created Wedding Online, where you can get married easily and effortlessly.

Digital , Online , Social - 17/04/2015

Play The House

An interactive online game of Mastermind displayed on the 300-plus-feet-tall facade in Sweden.

Digital , Mobile , Outdoor - 11/10/2014

Blowing In The Wind

Hair care product Apotek Hjärtat with this really cool and clever subway ad that detects when a train approaches.

Digital , Outdoor - 28/02/2014

Photoshop Live – Street Retouch Prank

Always good when you can put a smile on peoples’ faces. Nice marketing stunt to promote the Adobe Creative Day event.

Digital , Outdoor - 09/06/2013