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Connecting Over Coffee

A coffee machine that requires you to make a friend before dispensing your coffee. Great insight and execution.

Digital , Innovation , Social - 05/01/2015

Experience the power of a bookbook™

Introducing a new product from Ikea called the Bookbook, which boasts eternal battery life. Hilarious Apple spoof.

Video - 09/09/2014

Hearing Aide for SADeaf

An useful APP that helps deaf people in case of emergencies.

Digital , Mobile - 26/08/2014

Adidas – Dwight Howard Signature Shots

Dwight Howard and Adidas shows us another way to do the boring old autograph sessions.

Outdoor - 04/11/2013

MINI Royalty has arrived

MINI Singapore’s way of welcoming the birth of the royal baby.

Video - 23/07/2013

Coca-Cola Sharing Can

Share a can of Coke happiness with this cool product innovation of the classic Coke can.

Innovation , Outdoor , Social - 04/06/2013

Project Silverline

Instead of trading in your iPhone, why not donate it to help the senior citizens?

Digital , Mobile - 19/12/2012

Harry’s Bottle Message

Not digging the art direction, and too many steps to start a conversation in my opinion, but it’s a good thought.

Digital , Mobile , Social - 13/09/2012

Singapore Red Cross Rapid Rescue

A potential life-saver. Well done.

Digital , Mobile - 08/08/2012

Chrome Experiment – RAMAYA.NA

The traditional story of Ramayana retold and made interactive by Google Chrome.

Digital , Online - 12/06/2012