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Android Chorus

Abit of Android fun, 300 odd phones put together to play a song.

Digital , Mobile - 04/03/2015

DJ QBert: Conductive Ink Mixable Album Covers

Very cool “conductive ink” based album cover for DJ QBert where you can remix your own tracks.

Digital , Mobile - 21/01/2015

GTI + Underworld – Play the Road

Volkswagen Golf GTI and Underworld collaborated on a project that synchronises driving and music in real time.

Digital , Mobile , Social - 09/12/2013

Giggem – Music Industry Matchmaking Service

If you’re a musician desperately looking for a gig, or a band to jam with, Giggem could be the place to go.

Digital , Online , Social - 24/06/2013

Gesaffelstein – Pursuit

Awesome and dark at the same time, this music video by French techno artist and DJ Gesaffelstein is shot by directorial duo Fleur & Manu with great composition and details.

Video - 21/06/2013

The Beck’s Edison Bottle

The world’s first playable music beer bottle, by Beck’s in New Zealand.

Innovation - 19/06/2013


Wearable tech is gonna take over the world. How about one that allows you to jam on a guitar anywhere you go, without having to physically carry one? (Not yet exist outside of computer renderings.)

Innovation - 16/06/2013

Heineken Ignite

Good marketing and innovative idea for Heineken but i’m wondering how much more it’s gonna cost. Cool nonetheless.

Outdoor , Social - 08/05/2013