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Scentee My scent

A mobile app, together with a special device, that emits smells when attached to one’s phone.

Innovation , Mobile - 07/03/2014

Autoway Scary Tire Commercial

How do you teach lazy people about the importance of a good set of tires? Scare the shit out of them of course! *Turn up the volume*

TV , Video - 09/12/2013

Sound of Honda – Ayrton Senna 1989

Senna returns to the Suzuka F1 circuit to set a new world record. Subtitles are in Japanese but seriously, theres no real need for subtitles.

Digital , Innovation , Inspiration , Outdoor - 05/08/2013

Space Travel

A trip to the moon anyone? From only $150,000,000, you can do the real moonwalk.

Innovation , Online - 18/07/2013

Awaken by Amazon

A very simple idea for good, that’s about providing books for under privileged people in India. And for every books donated, you’ll get a digital copy on your Kindle for free, forever.

Digital , Outdoor - 27/06/2013

Dynamic Target Tracking Camera System

Kudos to the Japanese. An incredibly cool camera that tracks very fast moving objects, and keeps them in the middle of the screen at all times.

Digital , Innovation , TV - 20/06/2013