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Android Chorus

Abit of Android fun, 300 odd phones put together to play a song.

Digital , Mobile - 04/03/2015

Burberry Kisses

Check out the making of the engaging and successful Burberry Kisses campaign.

Digital , Mobile , Online , Social - 22/10/2014

Orange: It’s Time To Meet Your FutureSelf

Great use of digital enhancement technologies from Orange to allow users to interact with their future self.

Digital , Online - 11/10/2014

Manchester United & Google+ Present Front Row

Nice use of existing media to support your favourite football team. But maybe it’ll be better if this whole experience can be LIVE, with fans watching and supporting at the same time.

Digital , Outdoor , Social - 12/03/2014

Converse Charged-Up Chuck

Creative Social teamed up with Converse and Google+ for a next level trainer hacking competition, and the brief was simple. Do anything amazing with the free Chucks.

Digital , Innovation , Mobile , Outdoor , Social - 20/06/2013

Google Project LOON – Balloon Powered Internet

Project Loon is an attempt to have a controlled network of balloons sitting on the edge of space, and delivering internet to everyone on earth. Fantastic.

Innovation , Inspiration , Online , Outdoor - 20/06/2013

Cube Slam – A Chrome Experiment

Cube Slam, a new Chrome Experiment from Google that lets you play Pong face-to-face with your friends anywhere in the world.

Digital , Online , Social - 13/06/2013

Chrome Experiment – RAMAYA.NA

The traditional story of Ramayana retold and made interactive by Google Chrome.

Digital , Online - 12/06/2012