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Sony – The Bottled Walkman

How to show a product is cool and waterproof? Put them in a bottle of water, and dispensing them from a vending machine! Great way of getting your product messaging and features across.

Outdoor - 18/02/2014

The RAV4 Outdoor Website

RAV4 is targeted at outdoor adventurers. So the best way for these people to access informations about RAV4? Build a website outdoor of cause!

Digital , Online , Outdoor , Social - 01/08/2013

UHAC Eye Test

With the insight that people are more ready to have their eyes tested rather than their ears, DraftFCB Toronto lured people to test their ears, by having their eyes tested first.

Outdoor , Print , TV , Video - 09/07/2013

Nivea Solar Ad Charger

A print ad that charges your phone while you soak in the sun. Why not?

Innovation , Print - 29/05/2013