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Invisible Vending Machine #ShareaCoke

Coke created a vending machine that is only visible for couples during Valentine’s Day. Too bad if you’re lonely and unwanted.

Outdoor - 18/02/2014

Coca-Cola Mini-Me

Coca-Cola Israel launches its new mini bottle by offering 3D printed mini versions of yourselves.

Digital , Outdoor - 29/08/2013

Coca-Cola Smile Back

As simple as it gets to get a free Coke. Just smile back.

Outdoor , Social - 18/07/2013

Coca-Cola Sharing Can

Share a can of Coke happiness with this cool product innovation of the classic Coke can.

Innovation , Outdoor , Social - 04/06/2013

Coca-Cola Small World Machines

Breaking down barriers and connecting 2 nations. Love to see 1 of these Coca-Cola Small World Machines in North Korea connecting to the rest of the world.

Digital , Outdoor , Social - 22/05/2013