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Friends of Nature: Rebirth after reading

Excellent innovation to help save the environment; printer ink that disappears in a few days after printing, so that the paper is new again.

Innovation , Print - 16/03/2015

Porsche: #24SocialRace

A tweet race between Twitter and Weibo, USA versus China for Porsche.

Digital , Online , Social - 16/03/2015

Lifebuoy: Germ-free Chinese New Year

BBH China created this special red packet out of anti-bacterial soap, where they can be used to wash their hands.

Outdoor , Print - 16/03/2015

Time Out Shanghai Stolen Phone Tour

Moral of the story: Next time you see a phone on the streets, pick it up and keep it, because you’re in for a treat.

Mobile , Outdoor , Social - 18/07/2013

Nappy Notifier

An innovative piece of work to make life easier for parents from our team at OgilvyOne Beijing.

Digital , Innovation , Mobile - 30/04/2013