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Tweet For A Read

A smart bookmark that senses how long it has been since you last opened the book, and allows the book’s author to remind you to finish the book.

Digital , Social - 09/09/2014

Polar Cell Phone Nullifier

This beer cooler forces you to socialise.

Mobile , Outdoor , Social - 08/03/2014

Kian Guitar Poster

To promote the art of building musical instruments, Kian chose the same technique used to make guitars and created this beautifully crafted poster.

Innovation , Print , Video - 19/07/2013

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

How can we not archive the Titanium Grand Prix winner at Cannes this year? The Dove “Sketches” campaign by Ogilvy Brazil was awarded the highest honor in Cannes 2013.

Inspiration , Online , Outdoor , Print , TV - 23/06/2013

The End of the Silent Magazine

A music magazine that plays music through the use of NFC technology.

Digital , Mobile , Print - 14/06/2013

Alcoholics Anonymous – The Crash Cooler

A gimmicky little device attached to a beer cooler that emit crashing sounds to deter you from drink driving.

Innovation , Outdoor - 10/06/2013

WWF – Deforested Field

WWF wanted to bring the issue of deforestation in Brazil to as many people as possible. Instead of just showing numbers and statistics, and to put things into perspective, they decided to show it in a broadcast of a football match. Very nice ambient idea.

TV - 24/05/2013