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Polar Cell Phone Nullifier

This beer cooler forces you to socialise.

Mobile , Outdoor , Social - 08/03/2014

The Astra Bottletheatre

Hamburg’s most loved beer, Astra, created this recycling machine/theatre for it’s bottles in the hope of cleaning up the streets of St Pauli.

Outdoor - 18/08/2013

Amstel Beer – The Pause Machine

Here’s another vending machine idea. Stand in-front of it, do nothing, and get free beer. Why not?

Outdoor - 18/08/2013

The Offline Glass

The Offline Glass is a good thought. In trying to rescue someone from the online world and bringing them back to the bar chat, it is important that the original human behaviour of face-to-face chatting should not be lost.

Digital , Mobile , Outdoor , Social - 22/06/2013

The Beck’s Edison Bottle

The world’s first playable music beer bottle, by Beck’s in New Zealand.

Innovation - 19/06/2013

Harry’s Bottle Message

Not digging the art direction, and too many steps to start a conversation in my opinion, but it’s a good thought.

Digital , Mobile , Social - 13/09/2012