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Honda “Paper”

Another nicely executed ad from Honda.

Online , TV - 23/09/2015

DoritosĀ® – Time Machine

This hilarious one gets my vote for Super Bowl air-time.

TV , Video - 28/01/2014

Autoway Scary Tire Commercial

How do you teach lazy people about the importance of a good set of tires? Scare the shit out of them of course! *Turn up the volume*

TV , Video - 09/12/2013

Messi joins as Captain of #GALAXY11

Nothing can stop Lionel Messi. Not the cars, not the aliens.

Digital , Online , TV , Video - 15/11/2013

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

The Muscles from Brussels with the mother of splits, in a demonstration of precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering. All in one take. RESPECT, and OUCH!

TV , Video - 15/11/2013

Honda Illusions – An Impossible Made Possible

Honda teamed up with 3D street painter and chalk artist Tracy Lee Stum to create this beautiful and clever spot, to demonstrate that not everything is what it first seems.

TV , Video - 06/11/2013

Durex – Protect Yourself

Painful crotch shots in this one from Durex. Funny at the same time. Wear a condom if you don’t wanna get hurt.

TV , Video - 05/08/2013

O2 “Be More Dog”

Why be so cat, when you can be more dog? O2 aims to get consumers to embrace new technology with this funny commercial.

TV - 10/07/2013

UHAC Eye Test

With the insight that people are more ready to have their eyes tested rather than their ears, DraftFCB Toronto lured people to test their ears, by having their eyes tested first.

Outdoor , Print , TV , Video - 09/07/2013

Honda “Hands”

This well executed film celebrates the curiosity of Honda engineers.

Innovation , TV , Video - 05/07/2013