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Chevrolet “Positivity Pump” Powered By IBMWatson AI

The more positive you are, the more free fuel for your vehicle.

Digital , Online , Outdoor , Social - 21/09/2016

The Interactive Punching Bag

The world’s first punchable LED screen in the form of an interactive punching bag.

Digital , Social - 12/11/2015

The Social Shot

A bartending robot will mix you a shot that suits you based on datasets acquired through Facebook.

Digital , Social - 12/11/2015

Reebok | ZPump Fusion

To get people to move, Reebok created this activation in a Korean subway station where commuters get to battle with one another for a pair of Reebok ZPump Fusion.

Digital , Outdoor , Social - 17/04/2015

Auto Helply

Put your Auto-Response / Out of the Office messages to greater use, and help look for missing people around your area.

Digital , Online , Social - 17/04/2015

IKEA Sweden: Wedding Online

IKEA is all about finding simple solutions to everyday life, that’s neither expensive nor complicated. To prove its point, IKEA Sweden created Wedding Online, where you can get married easily and effortlessly.

Digital , Online , Social - 17/04/2015

Pornhub: The Wankband

Love the planet by loving yourselves. Create dirty energy with the Wankband!

Digital , Innovation , Social - 16/03/2015

Porsche: #24SocialRace

A tweet race between Twitter and Weibo, USA versus China for Porsche.

Digital , Online , Social - 16/03/2015

Connecting Over Coffee

A coffee machine that requires you to make a friend before dispensing your coffee. Great insight and execution.

Digital , Innovation , Social - 05/01/2015

Pay per Laugh

Good value for money for the consumers with this pay-per-laugh idea for a comedy show.

Digital , Outdoor , Social - 03/12/2014