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Chevrolet “Positivity Pump” Powered By IBMWatson AI

The more positive you are, the more free fuel for your vehicle.

Digital , Online , Outdoor , Social - 21/09/2016

Virtual Reality Tricycle Racing

Cool infrared motion-capture cams that sync physical and digital experiences together.

Digital , Outdoor - 05/09/2016

Porta Estel·lar

Light and sound installation inside a plane. Nice eye candy.

Digital , Outdoor - 12/11/2015

KitKat – The World’s First Massage Billboard

To launch it’s Have a Break concept in Colombia, KitKat created the world’s first billboard that gives you a quick massage when you lean against it.

Digital , Outdoor - 12/11/2015

Reebok | ZPump Fusion

To get people to move, Reebok created this activation in a Korean subway station where commuters get to battle with one another for a pair of Reebok ZPump Fusion.

Digital , Outdoor , Social - 17/04/2015

Lifebuoy: Germ-free Chinese New Year

BBH China created this special red packet out of anti-bacterial soap, where they can be used to wash their hands.

Outdoor , Print - 16/03/2015

COBI – World’s Smartest Connected Biking System

A smart and integrated bike, where you can connect all sorts of gadgets to it’s brain, named COBI.

Digital , Innovation , Mobile , Outdoor - 05/01/2015

Projections in the Forest

Let’s start off the new year with a beautiful 3D projection in the forest. Happy New Year!

Digital , Outdoor - 05/01/2015

2015 WRX STI vs. The Drones (The Making)

Subaru WRX STI uses drones to show precision in its car.

Digital , Outdoor - 18/12/2014

Pepsi Max – Time Tunnel

Great installation from Pepsi using stereo projection on unsuspecting commuters in this latest instalment for Pepsi Max’s Unbelievable campaign.

Digital , Outdoor - 08/12/2014