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Chevrolet “Positivity Pump” Powered By IBMWatson AI

The more positive you are, the more free fuel for your vehicle.

Digital , Online , Outdoor , Social - 21/09/2016

Honda “Paper”

Another nicely executed ad from Honda.

Online , TV - 23/09/2015

Auto Helply

Put your Auto-Response / Out of the Office messages to greater use, and help look for missing people around your area.

Digital , Online , Social - 17/04/2015

IKEA Sweden: Wedding Online

IKEA is all about finding simple solutions to everyday life, that’s neither expensive nor complicated. To prove its point, IKEA Sweden created Wedding Online, where you can get married easily and effortlessly.

Digital , Online , Social - 17/04/2015

GAME UK: Shoot It Down

A good way to build up anticipation for a new game store website, by inviting gamers to help shoot down the old website.

Digital , Online - 16/03/2015

Porsche: #24SocialRace

A tweet race between Twitter and Weibo, USA versus China for Porsche.

Digital , Online , Social - 16/03/2015

Honda – The Other Side

Really well executed interactive video from Honda. Everyone has another side.

Digital , Online , Video - 11/11/2014

Burberry Kisses

Check out the making of the engaging and successful Burberry Kisses campaign.

Digital , Mobile , Online , Social - 22/10/2014

Orange: It’s Time To Meet Your FutureSelf

Great use of digital enhancement technologies from Orange to allow users to interact with their future self.

Digital , Online - 11/10/2014

No Place Like Home

Clever innovation to keep track of Alzheimer-striken loved ones by designer Dominic Wilcox.

Digital , Innovation , Online , Outdoor - 09/10/2014