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Blind Cap

The first swimming cap with built-in vibration technology that helps the blind.

Digital , Mobile - 05/09/2016


Imagine having all the colors in the world in your pocket?

Digital , Innovation , Mobile - 05/09/2016

ANA Takeoff Mode App

Very nice insight. An app that helps soothe nervous fliers during takeoff.

Digital , Mobile - 04/03/2015

Android Chorus

Abit of Android fun, 300 odd phones put together to play a song.

Digital , Mobile - 04/03/2015

Blind Spot Ad Volkswagen

A very simple and clever way to show the advantage of Volkswagen’s Side Assist technology.

Digital , Mobile - 04/03/2015

DJ QBert: Conductive Ink Mixable Album Covers

Very cool “conductive ink” based album cover for DJ QBert where you can remix your own tracks.

Digital , Mobile - 21/01/2015

COBI – World’s Smartest Connected Biking System

A smart and integrated bike, where you can connect all sorts of gadgets to it’s brain, named COBI.

Digital , Innovation , Mobile , Outdoor - 05/01/2015

LokLok – Connected lock screen for Android

A neat Android App that allows friends and colleagues to leave messages and doodles on smartphone lock screens.

Digital , Mobile - 18/12/2014

Pizza Hut Restaurants Subconscious Menu

Predicting what you’ll like to have just by using eye tracking technology? Gimmicky, not for me. Too many flaws to this.

Digital , Mobile - 10/12/2014

Ford Explorer: Interactive Print Ads

Ford brings print ads to life through a simple QR code.

Digital , Mobile , Print - 11/11/2014