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Imagine having all the colors in the world in your pocket?

Digital , Innovation , Mobile - 05/09/2016

Pornhub: The Wankband

Love the planet by loving yourselves. Create dirty energy with the Wankband!

Digital , Innovation , Social - 16/03/2015

Friends of Nature: Rebirth after reading

Excellent innovation to help save the environment; printer ink that disappears in a few days after printing, so that the paper is new again.

Innovation , Print - 16/03/2015

Connecting Over Coffee

A coffee machine that requires you to make a friend before dispensing your coffee. Great insight and execution.

Digital , Innovation , Social - 05/01/2015

COBI – World’s Smartest Connected Biking System

A smart and integrated bike, where you can connect all sorts of gadgets to it’s brain, named COBI.

Digital , Innovation , Mobile , Outdoor - 05/01/2015


A knitted, 3d printed, EEG brain sensor – that maps thoughts and exhibits brain states with color.

Digital , Innovation - 11/10/2014

No Place Like Home

Clever innovation to keep track of Alzheimer-striken loved ones by designer Dominic Wilcox.

Digital , Innovation , Online , Outdoor - 09/10/2014

Meet the Drink Up Fountain

In a move to get more Americans to drink water, Drink Up built a water fountain(or water cooler) that talks.

Digital , Innovation , Outdoor - 09/09/2014

Vittel Refresh Cap

The Vittel Refresh Cap reminds people to drink water every hour! Nice little innovation.

Innovation - 26/08/2014

ZUtA Pocket Printer

Cool Kickstarter idea of a pocket printer.

Digital , Innovation , Mobile , Outdoor - 16/04/2014